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Love Wednesdays!

Good morning x normally on Wednesdays now we all back to so called normal I would be off to help at play group, today nope!! Thought I had a delivery coming but doesn’t look like it now, so social media it is then, up at crack of this morning, love my early nights, early mornings, and im on a health kick, been super good!!! So far anyway. Lots of water is for sure, for brekkie I’ve had branklakes, lunch will be Apple, rice, tea is mince, drained of fat, any bags in fridge, and a handful of brown pasta, go me!!! Day 3 and feeling super!! Hope you all have the best day x Bx

Watch “How to apply and remove magnetic eyelashes” on YouTube

Avons new magnetic eyelashes, available beginning of February in campaign 4. Comes in a pretty little box, easy for storage, a little figgly to get out of box, I guess most eyelashes are, much easier to manage then glue anyhow. In the video I had my Avon cream to powder on and winged out mascara, before applying the eyelashes you need to wear MASCARA!! The box indicates how they are worn, top, bottom, left, right, so be careful to take note before taking out the box. Firstly apply to top, then to bottom where the 2 magnets will connect, can be adjusted to your preference. They do feel slightly heavy at first, but gradually you can use to them, be careful to apply correctly as I found out, poked myself in eye when practising. To remove eyelashes just gently slide them off and store back in cute little box. Overall I’m not a wearer of false eyelashes but would consider wearing these for a night out most definitely, hope you’ve all had a great day and enjoy your night ❤❤